About Us.

About Us

Our company; He started his career in 1992 as a project company. As time went on in our region should, and Turkey have also added the project contracting direction, in addition to our direction strongly in line with demand in general and during that time many hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, renewable energy plants, substations, high voltage transmission lines, medium voltage lines, industrial plants, has successfully completed the works in the field of transformer facilities, surveying and projecting.

Our company, which has adopted the occupational health and safety conditions as a principle from the first day to the present day, has a production factory with a closed area of ​​1400 square meters on a land of 5500 square meters in Çaycuma Organized Industrial Zone.


This is our factory for now;

     -Energy transport line poles,

     - Galvanized lighting poles,

     - Cracking electrode,

     -Halogen free PE pipe

     -Made lighting luminaire production with LED.


Our company has all TSE and ISO certificates in the fields of commitment and production and has adopted quality service and production in terms of technical personnel structure.

Currently, it also provides project-based wholesale electricity supplies at the Ankara Regional Directorate.

In order to meet the needs of the rapidly growing and growing market, our Company has expanded its staff and vision, and undertakes the operation of power plants, project design and turn-key contracting.

Our company recognizes the lack of new technologies in our country by increasing and changing every day without losing speed. In order to provide service in these areas, our Company meets the needs of its country with the necessary equipments, vehicles and machinery parks and professional teams using the world famous brands. Thus, we provide turnkey projects and material needs of our valued customers both continuously and on time.

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